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Breaking thru the clutter

Posted by marketingfrontier on October 12, 2006

I was working at two different clients today, and the subject came up in both locations — how can we break thru the clutter and make ourselves relevant to the customers we wish to contact.  Now, this problem is not a new one — marketers have been struggling with such issues for years, only now exacerbated by channel “mayhem” between web, email, direct mail, TV, mobile, etc. 

No, the problem we discussed this morning (and afternoon, respectively) is how to distinguish ourselves to our Best Customers.


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Welcome to my world…

Posted by marketingfrontier on October 12, 2006

As I begin writing this column, it seems to make good sense to introduce myself and the purpose of this conversation.

I am Mark Price, the Managing Partner of a consulting firm called M Squared Group, that focuses on helping marketing clients gain knowledge of their customers in order to generate incremental revenue and profit in the short term, as well as develop a vision of the long-term opportunity.  Our work includes data mining and customer analysis, as well as qualitative research, all concentrating on delivering the specific information that a client needs in order to execute specific already-determined actions.  We are based in Minneapolis, but have clients that range from Boston to Los Angeles.

I have 15 years experience in customer-focused data mining, with such clients as Best Buy, Target, Panera, Patterson Dental, and Avery Dennison.

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