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What comes after the loyalty survey?

Posted by marketingfrontier on November 17, 2006

Let’s say for the moment that your company has completed some research on loyal customers, and has discovered (1) benchmark behaviors for that segment and (2) key requirements that loyals feel are important and that your company meets well.  Let’s say that your company has also roughly determined what share of total category spending is spent with you, by customer.

OK — now what?  Remember, up till now, nice research, no ROI…

The best attack is a twofold one — first, examine customers who meet the requirements profile of loyals, but don’t spend that way.  Establish a series of communications to that customer to reinforce customer-described points of difference and consider frequency-based offers to drive consistent brand contact.

Second, examine customers who are spending consistent with loyal customers, but show some significant gaps between that they think is important and how your company is performing. These customers are at risk.  Again, establish a consistent series of communications to this customer segment.  Review their requirements and determine if meeting them is consistent with your mission, positioning and capabilities.  If so, develop specific plans to improve performance in those areas and highlight that information to the appropriate “at-risk” customers. Develop continuity offers to maintain customer traffic velocities.

For customers who require something that you cannot deliver, consider alternatives that are appropriate to the value of those customers, implement and communicate.


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